Cellphone Fixer

Cellphone Fixer is your smartphone repair specialists. As the cellphone market moves away from feature phones to ones capable of doing amazing feats that were impossible just a few years ago, the cost of replacing a broken phone has increased exponentially. The $99 iPhone that you purchased with your two-year agreement will set you back almost $600 if you have to replace it with a new one. Likewise, the 'free' Blackberry Curve will cost you around $450 to replace. This is where Cellphone Fixer comes in. We can repair your phone for a fraction of what it would cost you to replace.

Our shop specializes in repairing:

  • Broken screens (LCDs and digitizers)
  • Charging connectors
  • Flex cables
  • Water damage
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Volume switches
  • Ringtone buzzers
  • And more...

We also perform GSM phone unlocking and data recovery services. In addition, we provide free estimates and 90-day warranty on repairs.

We carry parts needed to repair the 3G iPhone, 3GS iPhone and the 4G iPhone. Whether you have a broken iPhone 3GS LCD screen, or you need a replacement battery for your iPhone 4G, Cellphone Fixer can handle any repair.

So, you know that you want to fix your  iPhone, but you're not sure which generation  iPhone you have? The information below will help you determine the model of your iPhone.

3G iPhone

3GS iPhone

iPhone 4


3G iPhone

is available in 8GB or 16GB capacities. The biggest difference between the 3G iPhone and the previous model is that the 3G has GPS abilities while the 1st Generation model does not. It has a plastic back case.


3GS iPhone

Is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities. Visually the 3GS and 3G models look identical. The biggest difference between the 3GS and the 3G is that the 3GS has video recording capability while the 3G does not. The 3GS comes in black and white.

4G iPhone

Is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities. This is Apple's latest and greatest iPhone. The biggest difference between the 4g and its predecessors is the dual camera, which allows for video conferencing. A white version will be available in January 2011.


Cellphone Fixer offers the perfect solution for Blackberries that are out of warranty or have accidental damage the warranty does not cover. Why buy a new Blackberry smart phone when you can have your existing Blackberry® smart phone repaired at a fraction of the cost?

If you have a Blackberry with a cracked or broken screen, a trackball that is not navigating correctly or does not work when pushed, then you have come to the right place. We have many Blackberry parts from replacement Blackberry screens, LCDs, lenses, trackballs and retaining rings, housings, keypads, keyboards, USB ports, batteries, battery covers, full housings, accessories and more for all Blackberry models.

Below are just a few of the Blackberry models that Cellphone Fixer repairs:

Bold 9000

Curve 8300/8310/8320/8330/8350i
Pearl 8100/8110/8120/8130

Bold 9000




Cellphone Fixer also fixes phones by most other manufacturers.